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Hand-dipped and decorated chocolate covered “LOVE BUG” Box

Whether this precious box of our signature Love Bugs is intended for children or adults, any message delivered with these little fellas will be delivered in the sweetest, most memorable way possible.
Want to cheer someone up, send a sweet note of encouragement, or simply make someone's day? Children of all ages will enjoy this box of a baker's dozen Belgian chocolate coated, hand decorated, "Love Bugs" to deliver your personalized messages.  

Sending from a group and want to include notes from every person chipping in? We’d be happy to add a personalized message, complete with sender’s name to each and every Love Bug for you! Of course, we realize that not every message is delivered appropriately via our smiling Love Bugs! Fret not! We’d be happy to include some of our frowning "Stink Bugs" in your collection, depending on the messages! 😉

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