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Italian Rainbow Cookies


AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RAINBOW COOKIES - baked fresh from scratch in small batches. 

PLEASE NOTE: While these little gems are now offered as part of our gift WunderBoxes, DIY charcuterie boards and catered dessert show table displays, we have decided to offer them A LA CARTE (pricing by the pound) from time to time, due to the overwhelming demand we received. (As fellow New Yorkers, we understand how much many of you have missed these and we are happy to satisfy your Italian/NY/NJ sweet tooth!)


***Next CONTACT-FREE pick-up date:***
We will be replenishing our website end of March and hope to be able to offer these once a month! NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED MID MARCH.(Please contact us directly if you want to special- order these for pickup. We understand and will stand on our heads to accommodate your requests if we have to! :-)

Pick-up Address: Charleston Commercial Kitchen, 5600 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston

Orders must be placed no later than Friday, February 26th before 4pm.

We are a very small company and everything you see is made in-house, from scratch, without mixes, machines and/or short cuts, by our pastry chef. YES - she even makes her own almond paste from scratch for these, as commercially available almond paste simply does not cut it. 

While we are trying to accommodate your requests for these, please note the following:

  • We will do our best to offer these A LA CARTE - pick up at our North Charleston location only - when possible.
  • We will try to offer these one weekend per month - unfortunately we are not able to provide a specific (monthly) weekend until we see how many orders we receive for our standard product offerings each week.
  • We will restock our website and post new inventory of these cookies a week prior to offering these. PLEASE FOLLOW US on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates and learn when they will be available. (Of course you can check here as well as we will restock once they are available again.)

  • Please call, email or message us with questions and/or special requests.


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